CSE 451

Introduction to Operating Systems

Autumn 1999

High-Level Descrption

    Instructor:  Tom Anderson
    Office: Sieg 316
    Office Hours: M 1:30 - 2:30, W 4:00-5:00

    TA:  Andrew Whitaker
    Office Hours: M 10:00-11:00, F 9:00-10:00; Sieg 226a

    Lecture: MWF 11:30 - 12:20, Loew 106
    Section AA: Th 9:30 - 10:20, MEB 247
    Section AB: Th 1:30- 2:20, Loew 220

Implementation Details

    Here are the Nachos Files in C++ (use version 3.4).
    Here is the good nachos package that actually compiles on Linux.
    Here is Java Nachos

    Lecture notes

    Paper Homeworks
    Programming Assignments
    Other files

External Resources

    The Nachos roadmap in html and postscript
    About Nachos
    The Java Homepage
    Java Resources
    Threads Programming Reference

Course Communication

    Course Newsgroup
       A forum for (mostly) peer-to-peer collaborative discussions.

    Course Messages:
       Mail sent to cse451@cs is archived here.

Last Updated: 11/10/99
Andrew Whitaker