Lecture Zoom on Canvas, MWF 11:30–12:20
Section AA Section AA Zoom Meeting, Th 12:30–1:20
Section AB Section AB Zoom Meeting, Th 1:30–2:20
Section AC Section AC Zoom Meeting, Th 2:30–3:20

Staff and Office Hours

Lecturer Mark Zbikowski TBD
Lecturer Gary Kimura MWF 12:45-1:35
TA (AA) Nicolas Monsees Fri 3-5pm
TA (AA, AB) Brennan Stein Wed 9-11am
TA (AB) Tom Lou Tue 3-4:30pm
TA (AC) Shivam Singhal Mon 4:30-6pm
TA (AC) Yu Xin Tue 9-11am


This course reuses much of the material from past CSE 451 course offerings.