Final Review Sheet

This final review sheet covers the class components each annotated with high-level questions you should be able to answer.

Not every lecture is linked in this document, if you want to view them all you can always refer back to the website for more information.

Good luck studying!

Class Topics

Below is a listing of all major class topics, some of them have questions attached, they are designed to highlight the “main ideas” from lecture.


OS Organization


Virtual Memory

### Interrupts and Exceptions ### System Calls ### Multiprocessors ### Processes and Threads ### Scheduling ### File Systems

Guest Lectures

JOS Labs

Each lab has a set of high level conceptual questions, the exam will draw heavily from the labs and it is important to understand what you did in each lab, it is easy to forget after a couple of weeks and is definitely worth reviewing.

Lab 1

Lab 2

Lab 3

Lab 4

Lab 5

In-class Exercises

Here is a listing of the larger exercsies we did in class, questions from these are fair game and it is good to be familar with the ideas in each one.