CSE446 - Machine Learning

Sewoong Oh
University of Washington
  • Assignment 0 (Due Thursday, Oct 3 11:59PM) .pdf

  • Assignment 1 (Due Wednesday, Oct 16 11:59PM) .pdf

  • Assignment 2 (Due Tuesday, Oct 29 11:59PM) .pdf Data: crime-train.txt, crime-test.txt

  • Assignment 3 (Due Thursday, Nov 21 11:59PM), .pdf

  • Assignment 4 (Due Thursday, Dec 5 11:59PM), .pdf

Programming in Python

We will use Python for the programming portions of the assignments. Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language with excellent libraries for statistical computations and visualizations. During the first week of the quarter, we will provide a tutorial to jump-start your transition into working in Python.

Here are some Python related resources:

We strongly encourage you to use Python 3 (versus Python 2) so that if code is provided on an assignment there are no compatibility issues. This also helps with debugging if everyone is on the same version.

Jupyter notebooks are a convenient way to write Python programs, especially for machine learning applications where you are actively exploring data. Therefore, you may complete your assignment using Jupyter notebooks but before you turn in your assignment, be sure to run all code blocks to make sure the current state reflects the code, if run. To be safe, dump the kernel to drop state and then rerun your code. If you use Jupyter notbooks, export your code into a *.py file before submitting it (some editors call this “Export Notebook to Executable Script”).

Submission guidelines:

Each homework assignment will be submitted as a single PDF to gradescope. Any code for a programming problem should come at the end of the problem, after any requested figures for the problem. We expect all assignments to be typeset (i.e., no photos or scans of written work). This can be done in an editor like Microsoft Word or Latex (highly recommended). There exist convenient packages for listing Python code in Latex.

  • Here are some instructions about how to submit.

  • Regrades: If you feel that we have made an error in grading your homework, please submit a regrade request via gradescope,and we will consider your request. Please note that regrading of a homework may cause your grade to go up or down.

  • Here is gradescope help.

  • You will enroll yourself into gradescope with a code that can be found on Piazza (with instructions).

Collaboration policy:

Homeworks must be done individually: each student must hand in their own answers. In addition, each student must write their own code in the programming part of the assignment. It is acceptable, however, for students to collaborate in figuring out answers and helping each other solve the problems. You also must indicate on each homework with whom you collaborated.

The homework problems have been carefully chosen for their pedagogical value and hence might be similar or identical to those given out in past offerings of this course at UW, or similar courses at other schools. Using any pre-existing solutions from these sources, from the Web or other textbooks constitues a violation of the academic integrity expected of you and is strictly prohibited.

Regrade policy:

All requests for regrading should be submitted to Gradescope directly. Office hours and in person discussions are limited solely to asking knowledge related questions, not grade related questions. If you feel that we have made an error in grading your homework, please let us know with a written explanation, and we will consider the request. Please note that regrading of a homework means the entire assignment may be regraded which may cause your grade on the entire homework set to go up or down. Regrade requests must be submtted within 7 days (24*7 hours) of the time in which grades are released.

Late assignment policy:

We will allow 3 total late days from homework 0 on (inclusive). If an assignment is submitted late and this exceeds your 3 late days, that assignment will receive 0 credit. Late days may be spread over any number of assignments, but the total number may not exceed 3. Late days are rounded up so that an assignment that is 28 hours late accumulated 2 late days.