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 CSE444 Fall 2002
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Important Notices

Dan Suciu
Email: suciu[at]cs.washington.edu
Office Hours: TBA
Location: Sieg 318

Teaching Assistant:
Yana Kadiyska
Email: yana[at]washington.edu
Office Hours: Tue: 1-2pm; Wed: 9:30--10:30 am
Location: Sieg 226a,226b

Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:30 pm - 11:20 pm
Location: EE1 045

Database Systems: The Complete Book, Hector Garcia-Molina, Jeffrey Ullman, Jennifer Widom

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To subscribe to the CSE 444 E-mail Group, please follow the E-mail archive link. The first time you visit, you should sign up for the list. All e-mail to cse444@cs is posted to the E-mail Archive.
Note: To prevent spam, you would not be allowed to post or read the archives unless you are a member of the group.
Please contact your TA if you face difficulties.

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