Students in teams of 3 or 4 will select an application that needs a database and build it from start to finish. This gives you the opportunity to, among other things, apply what you have learned in the course to a situation of your own choosing. Every student within a team earns the same grade for the project. The project will involve use of SQL Server and other software (e.g. JDBC, etc.) in the Sieg Hall labs.

For use on the project, you will be given an account (if you don't already have one) on the CSEPCLAB WindowsNT domain and a SQL Server database in which you can create the tables for your project.

The phases of the project include choosing an application area, deciding what functionality to provide (over-and-above basic SQL access), modeling the data in an E/R diagram, translating this into a relational schema in SQL Server (taking into account normal forms and constraints), populating the relations, and linking the database to a web-based front end that can carry out some of the application's functionality. When you're all done, you will demo the project for Scott and Bart. This will involve all group members meeting with us and showing us the application and executing some SQL queries directly.

The project is broken down into several phases with their own deadlines; these deadlines will not be extended. Follow the links for specific descriptions of each phase of the project:

Note that you are free to work ahead of this schedule: you will know the relevant material in time to complete many of these phases early, and if you submit Phase II or Phase III early, we will do our best to evaluate it and return it to you quickly so you can get going on the next phase.

The grade for the project is determined as follows: