Shared laundry made tolerable.

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The Problem

Doing laundry is an incredibly tedious chore, especially for those who live in dorms or apartments where they must share machines with other people. It's impossible to know when a washer or dryer is available without first checking, which is a huge waste of time and incredibly annoying because it necessitates carrying clothing up and down the stairs in the hopes that maybe this time a machine will be free.

Furthermore, many people forget to set reminders to move their clothing from the washer to the dryer, which not only means their clothes are sitting wet for longer than necessary, but also jams up the laundry pipeline and prevents other residents from doing their laundry. Laundr aims to solve all of these issues at once. We don't promise to make laundry fun, but we do hope to make it tolerable.

Our Solution

Laundr is a smart laundry system that aim to help coordinate laundry resources in a shared environment. You can monitor machine availability, your own laundry while it in the machine, or both! This system is made up of three components, all of which work together to make your shared laundry experience just that bit more tolerable.

Smart Laundry Ball Tracks status of clothing in washer and dryer.
Machine Sensor Tracks washer and dryer usage.
Smartphone App Helps you schedule your laundry and reminds you about machine usage.


Laundry Status Check your laundry status and machine availability in real time.
Reminders Schedule laundry reminders and coordinate with machine availability.
Notifications Receive notifications about laundry status and machine availability.

Design Process


How we learned what to design. Our presentation.


How we refined our design. Our presentation.

Final Presentation

How we shared our design.

Paper Prototypes

Video Prototype

Meet our team

Hang Bui User Researcher
Atharva Naik Design Researcher
Sam Wolfson Project Manager
Emily Zhang UI Designer