Over the course of about two weeks, we studied college students and teaching assistants (TAs) at the University of Washington. First we performed contextual inquiries to learn how TAs plan for the sections. Then we performed fly-on-the-wall observations of sections to gain insight on the TA-student dynamic. Finally, we debriefed several students in an attempt to get to know more of their needs. Through this extensive research, here is what we identified.

The Problem(s)

  1. Students often have questions in class, but most do not ask them
  2. While studying for a class, students often find themselves just going through every lecture slide, trying to review everything

Our Solution

Community Driven Questions

Provide a platform in which students can anonymously ask questions and have the most popular questions be sent to the instructor.

Data Driven Study Planning

Give students a way to mark a lecture slides importance and difficulty so that they can later look back and see what is most pertinent for them to study.

Video Prototype

The Design

Home Screen - Displays all classes

Lecture Summary - Displays lectures and topics

Slide Summary - Detailed lecture overview

Note Taking - Take notes directly on the slides

Topic Rating - Mark importance and difficulty

Personal Questions - Ask directly on the slide

Community Questions - Drag and drop submission

Help Screen - Explains basic functions

Meet the Team

Royden Luckey

Senior in CS at UW

Sam San Nicolas

Junior in HCDE at UW

Andrii Sagaidak

Senior in CS at UW

Trevor Shibley

Junior in CS at UW

Additional Documents