Transform your outfit selection process with an intelligent mirror

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Improve your outfit selection process

Selecting an outfit for the day can be a strenuous activity for busy and time-constrained individuals. Many factors—such as weather, occasion, season, activity—can impact an individual’s outfit selection decision. With a large inventory of items in an individual's wardrobe, sifting through all of one’s clothing can be a tedious and messy process. One may not be able to find what they want to wear because they simply have a disorganized wardrobe, or they simply may not know how to find what they are looking for.

Jasper aims to solve this problem by providing a two-part solution consisting of an interactive smart mirror to assist in outfit selection and a set of location-enabled tags to be placed on clothing items to help with inventory management and tracking.


Suggest Outfits

Jasper gives you recommended outfits to wear based on your calendar, weather, and activity.

Locate Items

With small tags attached to your clothing, Jasper can locate an exact item in your house.

Visualize Outfits

Explore and try on new outfits for the day virtually, without putting any clothes on.

Manage Inventory

Scroll through your inventory of clothes to keep track of what items you own.


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Steven Austin

Design Researcher
Junior, Computer Science

Dylan Babbs

Product Manager
Senior, Informatics

Hao Liu

UX Researcher
Senior, Computer Science

Tong Shen

Product Engineer
Senior, Computer Science


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