Problem Overview

Teaching a new class or student is often daunting and difficult. Oftentimes teaching styles and learning methods do not sync and for many students this becomes a major barrier in the learning process. In any type of learning environment whether it be in sports, academia or extracurricular there are disconnects between teachers and students. Recognizing that every student is different and learns through different means creates difficulty in designing lesson plans that engage, challenge and develop every type of student.

Teachers are faced with the challenge of presenting and applying content to a class that most likely does not learn through one single methodology; this presents teachers with an overwhelmingly amount of pressure (to teach in a style they are not comfortable in) and a great deal of confusion (how to better reach students who don’t learn in a certain way).

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TeamTeach serves ultimately one purpose: to help the educators divide their students into optimized learning groups. First we decided to make TeamTeach a desktop application because most educators (such as professors, lecturers, or managers) use desktop platforms to contact their students.

So by making TeamTeach a desktop application, we can open up the future possibilityof integrating TeamTeach with other applications such as myUW or Catalyst.To achieve TeamTeach’s ultimate purpose, users only need to follow two easy steps: 1) create a new class profile, and 2) create a group list for that class.

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I wish there was an easier way to form groups based on learning styles or majors...