CSE/STAT 416 - Intro to Machine Learning

Sewoong Oh
University of Washington
TTh 10:00-11:20, CSE2 G20

install and set-up

[video tutorial for setting up Anaconda, Jupyter note book, Python, and Pandas] and the [slides] by Jack

Assignment 0

[source files for week 1 assignment] due April 11th revised by Zoheb

Assignment 1

[source files] due April 17th revised by Henry
You can find the data file home_data.csv [here]

Assignment 2

[source files] due April 26th revised by Jack

Assignment 3

[source files] due May 1th revised by Zoheb
[data files for assignment 3]

Assignment 4

[source files] due May 8th revised by Henry

Assignment 5

[source files] due May 15th revised by Jack

Assignment 6

[source files] due May 22nd revised by Zoheb

Assignment 7

[source files] due May 29th revised by Henry

Assignment 8

[source files] due June 5th revised by Jack

Programming assignment and conceptual quiz policy:

We expect students to want to learn and not google for answers. The purpose of assignments and concept quizzes in this course is to help you think about the material, not just give us the right answers. Therefore, please restrict attention to the materials provided as a part of this course (lecture slides, quiz section handouts, etc.) when solving the programming assignments and concept quizzes. If you do happen to use other material, it must be acknowledged clearly with a citation on the submitted solution. Reading unauthorized material will be considered cheating. Please ask us if you unsure about the use of a particular reference.

Collaboration policy:

Programming assignments are to be completed individually; each student must write their own code and submit their own answers. It is acceptable, however, for students to discuss the questions at a conceptual level and to collaborate in figuring out solution paths. You must indicate on each programming assignment with whom you collaborated. For the concept quizzes, these are to be completed completely on your own without discussion.

Regrade policy:

If you feel that we have made an error in grading your programming assignment or concept quiz, please email cse416-staff@cs.washington.edu with a detailed written explanation, and we will consider your request. Please note that regrading of the work may cause your grade to go up or down. All requests must be made within one week of receiving feedback on the assignment or quiz.

Late assignment policy:

  • Every student is allotted 2 free “slip days” throughout the entire quarter only for the programming assignments

  • After these days are used, late assignments will incur a reduction of 33% in the final score for each day (or part thereof) it is late. For example, if an assignment is up to 24 hours late, it incurs a penalty of 33%. Else if it is up to 48 hours late, it incurs a penalty of 66%. And if it is 72 or more hours late, it will receive no credit.

  • You must turn in all programming assignments, even if for zero credit, in order to pass the course.


  • Complete the assignment on JupyterHub.

  • Log into Canvas and find the corresponding quiz for the assignment.

  • Complete this quiz using the answers from the code you wrote.

  • At the end of the quiz, submit your notebook(s) so we can view the code you wrote (to download your notebook from JupyterHub, open the notebook, then select File -> Download as -> Notebook).

  • Hit “Submit Quiz” to submit the assignent!