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CSE 415: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
The University of Washington, Seattle, Winter 2021
Regular Meetings: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 2:30-3:20 online in Zoom For the Zoom password, authenticate with UWNet ID.
Class Format: We'll be online this quarter, with class sessions on Zoom. The course is optimized for synchronous participation. In-class worksheets will typically take place in Zoom breakout sessions. Quizzes will be during class, and students will be expected to have their video cameras enabled during quiz time. Lectures will be recorded for reference purposes. However, students should not sign up for any courses or activities that conflict with their CSE 415 class periods.
Registering for the course: If you have not been able to register for the course, but you believe you are qualified, please do two things: (a) come to class on Day 1 and the rest of the first week; (b) take the background assessment quiz. (Go here to get a link.) Assuming places open up, and you have the appropriate background, we will try to give priority to students who were there since Day 1. For additional information, click here.