CSE 403 Project 3: Architecture and Implementation Plan

The goal of this assignment is to think about and document your software's architecture, and also to revise your project proposal and plan.

Like all project assignments for this class, this submission should build on your previous one (in this case, the project proposal). You will revise the same document that you are submitting now, and it will eventually become your final project report.

This submission should satisfy all the requirements of the the project proposal, except that the length restriction is lifted. (Please don't write more than is necessary.) This submission must address all the feedback your team has received so far.

You are allowed to change the topic of your project, but that requires a meeting with the instructor well in advance of the deadline.

Just as in a real software project, after this point you are not allowed to make significant changes to your project (goals, methodology, etc.) without management and customer approval. Request those of the staff in writing.


Commit, to the week5 directory, a single PDF named report.pdf. Submit the same document via Canvas.

New content

Your document should include:

As always, you should write a single, coherent document. Don't just append new information to the end of your existing document, but integrate it in sensible locations.

Customer feedback

Your team will act as another team's customer.

Peer review rubric