CSE 403 Project 2: Proposal

The goal of this assignment is to flesh out your proposed project. You will learn from and improve on the pitch (or start anew). You will ensure that your project is solving a good problem: it matters in the real world, isn't too hard, and isn't too easy. You will avoid nasty surprises later: your project will be more successful if you think through the high-level issues before you get mired in the details.

You will be writing up your results as you obtain them. (In fact, you will revise the same document that you are submitting now, into your final project.) That will help you to double-check your methodology and experimental infrastructure, will cause you to notice issues that otherwise might have gone unnoticed until the end of the quarter, and will enable you to get feedback, which will streamline your work and prevent you from repeating mistakes.


Commit, to the week4 directory of your repository, a single PDF, of approximately 4-5 pages (this is not a hard requirement), named report.pdf. Also submit it via Canvas.

The proposal document should satisfy all the requirements of the project pitch — many of the submissions for that assignment did not. The proposal document should also address all the feedback you received on your proposal and presentation. Include a section at the end of the report, title "Feedback", describing any feedback you did NOT take action on, with a brief justification for why (for example, if the staff suggested some other project was related to your proposal, but it is not, this is where you should inform the staff why it is not related). Include ALL feedback you have received on the project at any point, whether from the staff or from your peers. Or, if you have addressed every piece of feedback and made changes in response, write "We have addressed all feedback." You will update this section every week; once an item appears here once, it need not appear again. If you have questions, come to office hours or make an appointment with the course staff.

Include a week-by-week schedule of the work you expect to complete. Ensure that each week's milestone is concrete and measurable, so that you know whether you have achieved it. (For example, “coding is 50% done” is not measurable, but “parsing module is complete and tested” is.) Don't forget to allocate time for building your experimental infrastructure. You should think about it deeply enough to be able to give a detailed estimate. Past students have found that they spent at least half of their time on evaluation.


Your project proposal should answer all parts of Heilmeier's Catechism:

To expand on the above, here is a reminder about some of the requirements:

At the end of your document, state many hours you spent on the assignment.


Customer feedback

Your team will act as another team's customer.

Peer review rubric