CSE 403 Project: Git Setup

Choose a catchy team or project name.

Create a public GitHub version control repository for your team. You will do your work in this version control repository. If you wish to use a collaborative editor such as Google Docs, for your written paper only (not for storing experimental data, for example), you may do so. Also create a mailing list for your team. The mailing list should not reject mail from anyone — non-members should be able to send messages.


Give all of the course staff access to all of these resources.
Staff GitHub IDs: mernst, kelloggm, t-rasmud, izgzhen.
For Google Docs, use CSE NetIDs: mernst@cs.washington.edu, kelloggm@cs.washington.edu, rashmi4@cs.washington.edu, zgzhen@cs.washington.edu.

Your team's git repository should contain a top-level directory called reports, which will contain subdirectories named week2, ..., week11 (you can create these as needed; you don't need to create them all now).. Your group should (in your documentation and every other respect) pretend that these directories do not exist — they are for the convenience of the course staff.

Email the staff