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CSE 403, Software Engineering, Spring 2014

Software engineering goes beyond software development. It includes processes from defining a product to shipping and maintaining that product. As well as requiring strong technical skills, a good software engineer requires strong teamwork and communication skills. Get ready to learn software engineering principles first hand, ship product, and survive to do it again!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Customers have been released (on the Projects page)
Tuesday, April 8, 2014
Projects have been released
Friday, April 4, 2014
Project proposals have been released
Saturday, March 29, 2014
Assignment 1 has been released
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We gratefully acknowledge that parts of the course material have been copied or adapted from previous editions of CSE 403, taught by Gail Alverson, Yuriy Brun, Michael Ernst, David Notkin, Valentin Razmov, Marty Stepp, and others.