Final Exam

This individual exam is due Fri 6/14 at 11:30am (before noon). Please do not compare answers with any other student; you should submit entirely your own work. Post to the course message forum and/or email the instructor if you have any questions.

Regrade Policy:

If you disagree with the grading of your final exam, you can submit your exam for a regrade. Bring it to the CSE building's front desk and explain to them that it is an exam regrade for CSE 403 which was taught by the now-not-working-here-any-more Marty Stepp. You must include a cover page with a brief written explanation of what specifically you think was misgraded and why. Because regrades are time-consuming and difficult to judge, we can not accept any exam for a regrade unless it includes this cover page.

Also note: When you submit an exam for a regrade, we will regrade your entire exam. If we notice anywhere that you were mistakenly given too many points, we will also correct this. So it is possible that a regrade request will result in you receiving a lower mark than what you started with.

We will not accept any regrade requests where the reason for regrading is essentially, "The grader didn't see my answer that was written on (the back side of the page / my scratch paper / elsewhere on the page)." Because it is too easy to add answers to these places after the exam, unfortunately we must trust that the grader was able to find all of your work and grade it appropriately. If this was not the case, we must assume that you did not sufficiently clearly label where the grader was supposed to look to find your work, and therefore that you are responsible for any such grading mistake.

All final exam regrade requests must be submitted by the end of the second week of the Autumn 2013 quarter.

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