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CSE 403 Summer 2006
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Latest Announcements:

  • (Aug 21) Congratulations everyone on a great learning experience! We trust it will lead you to professional success.

Course Goals:

This course is an introduction to the fundamental principles and practices of software engineering from a practitioner's standpoint. It is ideal for students who want to prepare for the real-world of software development, as well as for those who want to learn "how they do it out there." The course emphasizes high-quality processes for software development, drawing on the students' experiences in group projects.

Class Meetings:

Lecture: MWF, 9:40am-10:40am, CSE 305
Section: Th, 9:40am-10:40am, CSE 305

Contact Information:

Instructor: Valentin Razmov: valentin@cs (office hours: Mondays @ 11am in CSE 618, or by appointment)
Teaching Assistant: Lincoln Ritter: lritter@cs (office hours: Weds. @ 11am in 606, or by appointment)


Rapid Development, by Steve McConnell, 1996.
The Pragmatic Programmer - From Journeyman to Master, by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas, 1999.
Recommended (but not required):
Death March (2nd edition), by Edward Yourdon, 2003.

To compare prices, look: RD, PP, and DM.

There will be supplementary handouts on specific topics.


There will be quarter-long projects, developed in teams of 6 or more students. Details will be available in the first week of the course.

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