CSE 401: Compilers

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Help / Turnin


In general, you should turn in your entire pl0 directory, containing Makefile, source code, test programs and anything that will make grading your project possible using the turnin program on orcas/sanjuan:
     turnin -c cse401 pl0
Please use only a directory named "pl0". Don't call it 'pl0.turnin', 'turnin', 'hw3', or anything else.


  • do run "make clean" before doing turnin; we don't want your backup files, .o files, core dumps, etc.

  • do not have your RCS subdirectory in the directory you turn in, or a symbolic link to one; otherwise the whole RCS subdirectory will be turned in to us, which is a nuisance.
E.g., from within your working directory you might: mkdir pl0 cd pl0 co ../RCS/* make <...test...> make clean cd .. turnin pl0

IMPORTANT NOTE: you can turnin a newer version of your project by running the turnin program again. This will overwrite whatever you turned in earlier.

For written documents, you must turnin hard copies in class. Please see the printing instructions for doing double sided printouts with enscript.


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