CSE 401/M501

Welcome to CSE 401 / CSE M 501, Spring, 2022. This page, and the links above, present important course content and resources.


3/27: Masks, Lecture Streaming, etc.: especially note the info on lecture access in the "Lectures" paragraph below and the pages linked there.

Staff, Office Hours

Who Email Section   Office Hour   OH Zoom   OH Room*
Instructor: Larry Ruzzo ruzzo[at]cs Tu 4:00-5:00PM    Zoom Link 
Teaching Assistants:  Robert Burrisrlburris[at]cs AA M  6:00-7:00PM   CSE2 153
Morel Takougang   morelt98[at]cs AA Th 8:00-9:00PM
Jack Zhang yuez29[at]cs AB Th 3:30-4:30PM   CSE2 151
Apollo Zhu zhuzhiyu[at]cs AB W  5:00-6:00PM   CSE2 153
All Of Us: cse401-staff[at]cs 
* Office hours with room numbers are hybrid in-person/Zoom, others are Zoom-only. The same Zoom link works for all.



Lectures: MWF 2:30-3:20 in CSE2 G10, in-person and "livestreamed" via Panopto ; see Masks, Livestreams, and Recordings for more on this. I will try to monitor Panopto's "chat" to answer remote viewer's questions during lecture (but, honestly, I don't always see them...). Recordings will also be available on-demand via Panopto. Lecture slides and other items will be posted, generally before each class, linked from the Calendar page.

Sections: Thursday afternoons. Sections will not be recorded, not because they aren't important, but because the logistics are hard. Attendance is encouraged, but we will make occasional videos of tutorial material, and all section materials will be posted (see the Calendar page).

All in-person activities will follow then-current UW guidelines regarding masks, etc. Please be respectful of others' neeeds.

If you see broken links or other problems with this web site, please email cse401-staff[at]cs.