CSE 401/M501 22sp - Masks, Livestreams and Recordings

This quarter, lectures and quiz sections will be in-person. Under the latest UW guidelines, masks are optional, except those with recent Covid exposure or illness, but remain highly recommended, especially during the first few weeks of the quarter.

Lectures, but not quiz sections, will be recorded for on-demand viewing, and "livestreamed" via:

  CSE 401 / M 501 Panopto Folder  

This will show a list of past recordings; nothing new here. Finding the live stream can be tricky and may be platform-dependent. Try:

My experience with the livestream is that it introduces a few seconds lag compared to realtime, but slides are clear and audio is good. Overall, I think this is a viable option for remote lecture viewing, but you may find in-person attendance to be preferable.

During class, "chat" functionality is available if you click the "Discussion" button. Honestly, it isn't the greatest interface, but I will try to monitor it to answer remote viewer's questions during lecture. Use the "Public" option. ("Private" is visible only to course staff?) I absolutely encourage questions and discussion whether physically in class or remote. Especially since I sometimes miss chat questions, you are encouraged to answer each other's questions, or alert me if you see that I have missed one. Chats are visible in the recordings, too, at the appropriate timepoint, and you can add to the discussion after the live lecture ends.

Quiz sections often include group exercises, and are logistically difficult to stream or record; attendance is encouraged, but we will make handouts available online.

Office hours will be a mix of in-person and Zoom.