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 CSE 401Au '02: Introduction to Compiler Construction
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Lecture Notes
 Introduction ('02)
 Lexical Analysis ('02)
 Parsing ('02)
 Typechecking ('02)
 Back-end ('02)
 Storage Layout('02)
 Code Generation('02)
 Final Exam
 Final Exam Key Solution
Project Information
 Project Description
 Base Sample Program
 Base Lexical Description
 Base Syntax Description
 (New!) Extended Lexical Description
 (New!) Extended Syntax Description
 Building the Compiler
 Building the Compiler on NT

Time: MWF 12:30-1:20
Place: MGH 251
Office Hours Phone
Instructor: Andrei Alexandrescu, andrei@cs, MW 1:30-2:20, Sieg 226 (or Chateau 104), 616-1843
TA: Stavan Parikh, stavan@cs, T 10:30-11:20 Sieg 226b
Th 2:00-2:50 Sieg 226a

Mailing list: Click here to send a message to cse401@cs. Subscribe (highly recommended) or at least read it regularly.

Grading: Homeworks, Project, Midterm, Final, approximately 20%, 40%, 15%, 25%, resp. The project involves turning a toy compiler into an (almost) real one. You will work in teams of 2-3. See Project Information links for details.

Late Policy: Papers and/or electronic turnins due at the start of class on the due date. 10% off for one day late (Monday, for Friday due dates). See instructor if you slip even more.

Text: Aho, Sethi, & Ullman, Compilers: Principles, Techniques, and Tools, Addison Wesley, 1986, ISBN: 0201100886. Aka the Red Dragon Book. Don't get a book displaying a dragon of any other color or nuance, that's an older edition (or another book featuring a dragon).

Catalog Description: Fundamentals of compilers and interpreters; symbol tables, lexical analysis, syntax analysis, semantic analysis, code generation, and optimization for general purpose programming languages. No credit to students who have taken 413.
Prerequisites: CSE 322; CSE 326; CSE 341; CSE 378.
Credits: 3

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