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 CSE 378, Winter 2007
 Machine Organization and Assembly Language Programming
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CSE 378 Homework Winter 2007

Reading is on the course schedule page.

Homework #8

Due: Friday 3/9/07, 10:30 AM by turnin
  • (This is an individual assignment, not a team assignment.)
  • Dependences
  • Scoreboarding / Tomasulo's Algorithm

Homeworks #6 and #7 (Labs 3 and 4)

Note that 2/19 is a holiday, and 2/23 is the second class midterm.

Homework #5 (Lab 2)

Due: 6:00PM Wednesday, 2/14/07

Homework #4 (Lab 1)

Due: Wednesday, 1/31/07
  • Please form teams of two for working on the project/lab assignments. (There will be at least three of them, covering most of the rest of the quarter.)

  • Send mail to cse378-tas with your team members' names and cse logins.

Due: Tuesday 2/6/07

Homework #3

Due: Wednesday 1/24/07
  • Procedure call conventions.
  • Optional extra credit component.

Homework #2

Due: Wednesday 1/17/07, in class

Homework #1

Due: Friday 1/12/07
  • Try to have completed the preliminary exercises by Monday, 1/8.

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