CSE 374 - Programming Concepts and Tools - Winter 2015

Lectures: MWF 12:30-1:20, PCAR 291


Name email[at]cs Office Hours
Brandon Myers bdmyers 11am-12 Th and by appointment (send email) @ CSE214
Soumya Vasisht vasisht 2pm-3pm Wed @ CSE218
Harley Montgomery wmonty 1:30pm-2:30pm T @ CSE220
Shan Yang shany3 3:40pm-4:40pm F @ CSE218
York Wei yorkw 2pm-3pm M @ CSE021

For most things the discussion board is the best way to communicate. If you need to reach the course staff via email for something that is not appropriate for the discussion board please send mail to cse374-staff[at]cs rather than sending mail to individual staff members.