CSE 373, Winter 2018: Regrades


A reminder about our regrades policy:

  1. If you lost points on a project checkpoint due to bugs in your implementation, you can gain up to half of the missing points back if you fix those bugs before the final project due date.

    For more details, see the syllabus.

    Note: this regrading process will happen automatically. You do not need to submit a form.

  2. If you feel you were incorrectly penalized on a homework assignment, please start by talking to your grader first and try and resolve the issue directly with them. If your issue is still not resolved, fill out the regrade request form

    As a reminder, all regrade request forms must be submitted within one week of receiving back the feedback.

  3. If you feel you were incorrectly penalized on your midterm or final, please directly email Michael (mlee42@cs.washington.edu) to set up a meeting to discuss your grade.