CSE 373, Autumn 2018: Feedback

Feedback form

We want to make this course the best it can possibly be, and would be grateful for any suggestions, comments, and feedback you might have!

The only request we have is that you keep your feedback constructive – saying something like "Lecture X was bad" isn't too helpful; saying something like "I found slides A, B, and C for lecture X confusing because..." is immensely helpful.

Link to anonymous feedback form

If you want to give feedback, but aren't sure what to say, here are some suggestions on things we'd like feedback about:

  1. How is the pace of the course? Too fast? Too slow?
  2. How is the homework? Too easy? Too difficult?
  3. How is lecture or section? Do you find the material interesting? Boring? Potentially interesting but presented in a boring way?
  4. Are there any supplemental resources you think we should create or write?