Project 1: Calculator


In this project, you will:

This assignment has two parts. Part 1 is due on Wednesday, October 4th, 11:30 pm and part 2 is due on Wednesday, October 11th, 11:30 pm. This is a relatively challenging assignment, so be sure to start early!


When working on this assignment, we expect you meet these baseline expectations at all times:

Background information

In this document, you will run into a few blue boxes. You can collapse and expand blue boxes by clicking on the title.

For example:

Try clicking on me

Blue boxes contain background material that either:

  • Discusses (optional) material that is beyond the scope of this course
  • Discusses implementation details that you can safely ignore (unless you're working on extra credit)
  • Explains background information you may already know/was covered in previous courses that you may be rusty on.

You should be able to complete each project without having to read anything in the blue boxes, for the most part. They exist mainly to satisfy your curiosity.

Extra Credit

Table of Contents

This project is split into two-ish parts. Part 0 is meant to help you set up your project and get you familiarized with the different tools you need to know. However, it doesn't actually involve any programming and has no deliverables.

You'll be writing code in parts 1 and 2. These parts will build on each other, so be sure to start early and do a good job on part 1 so you don't run into issues when starting part 2.