Midterm 2 Study Guide, CSE373 Winter 2014

Exam Policies

Topics Covered

The intention of the exam is to cover the material up through Minimum spanning trees that was not covered on the first exam. However, the course material builds in many ways, so it is "fair game" to rely on asymptotic complexity, to use queues, stacks, and trees in appropriate ways or in contrast to other data structures, etc. The main topics for this exam are amortized analysis, disjoint sets and union-find, hash tables and collision-resolution strategies, and all the graph topics up through and including minimum spanning trees. All material covered on the exam will have been discussed in class and included in the posted lecture materials though you may be asked to apply ideas in slightly new ways.

The exam will not cover any material from the lectures on 2/21 and 2/24.

Exam Format and Sample Midterms

Our exam will consist of various types of short-answer questions. You may be asked to write or read Java code or pseudocode. It will be similar in style to the first midterm, but covering different topics and with the potential for slightly different styles of questions.

Below are several sample exams from prior offerings of CSE373 but please understand these caveats:

Sample exams:

Some example questions about Dijkstra's algorithm and amortized analysis:   unsolved   solved

Some example questions about minimum spanning trees:   unsolved   solved

Additional Study Suggestions

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