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 CSE 373: Data Structures and Algorithms
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Welcome to CSE 373 (Spring 2001)

Rajesh Rao


Charles Gordon and Jiwon Kim

MWF 11:30-12:20 in BAG 260

In this course, we will explore several fundamental algorithms and data structures in computer science, and learn to implement them in C. Some of the data structures we will encounter include linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, heaps, hash tables, and graphs. We will study and analyze algorithms for searching, traversing trees, hashing, manipulating priority queues, sorting, finding shortest paths in graphs, and much more. Note: The treatment of algorithms and data structures in this course will be much more rigorous and in-depth compared to CSE 143. (From the catalog: Prerequisite: CSE 143. No credit to students who have completed 326, 374, or EE 374).

These web pages will be updated throughout the quarter. Be sure to join the class mailing list and check the email archive. To join, send a message to majordomo@cs.washington.edu, and include the following in the body of your message: subscribe cse373
You should get a response quickly that you have been added.

Announcements will be posted in the space below.

3/26/01: First day of class: Welcome!

4/25/01: There will be a lab session from 11:30am-12:30pm on Wednesday (4/25) for help with programming assignment #1. The class will meet in the Communications Bldg. room B-027 (and B-022 if more computers are needed). Charles and Jiwon will be available in the lab to answer any questions.

4/30/01: Mid-term exam

5/28/01: No class: University holiday

6/6/01: Final exam

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