CSE370 Notes


Tip #1: Don't start the names of anything with a number.
Names like 4_bit.syn are bad. Synario doesn't like this, a lot. It expresses its anger with you by saying Failed! when you try to simulate the circuit. This leads to...

Tip #2: What to do about the Failed! message.
In the simulator window, if you get the cryptic Failed! message, you can review what's happened by selecting the View Log... item from the File menu. Scroll down until you see the section with the error message.

Tip #3: How do you make constant 0 and 1 signals.
You don't tell Synario that a pin is always 0 or 1 -- instead, you tie that wire to power or ground. To tie a wire to power (force it to be a constant 1), label that wire with VCC. Synario will magically understand that VCC is always a source of 1.

To tie a wire to ground (constant 0), label the wire with GND. Once you place this label, the wire will have a little triangle appended to it, pointing downwards. This is Synario's way of saying ground. Note: The wire that you label with GND must be a vertical wire, and you must label the bottom endpoint. Doing anything else will fail.

Tip #4: How do you drive buses in Synario

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