CSE370 Assignment 6

Distributed: 13 February 2008
Due: 20 February 2008


  1. Katz/Borriello, Contemporary Logic Design 2e, Chapter 5.7 (pp. 246-249).
  2. Katz/Borriello, Contemporary Logic Design 2e, Chapter 6 (pp. 259-298).


  1. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.10, all parts (use this template).
  2. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.11, all parts. Include a sentence justifying each of your answers
  3. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.19.
  4. CLD-II, Chapter 6, problem 6.23.
  5. Read the description in problem 6.24 for a 4-bit shift register. We will extend this design to 8-bits using the '374 component from lib370 in ActiveHDL. We have put together a schematic containing 3 '374 components and some additional logic. All you need to do is name the wires on each '374 component properly to implement the following:
    1. circular-shift-left register.
    2. logic shift right
    3. arithmetic shift right (assume 8-bit 2s-complement numbers)

    Turn in your completed schematic for the three components above. If you'd like a partial check, feel free to try this NON-EXHAUSTIVE text fixture.


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