CSE370 Laboratory Assignment 3

Constructing Simple Logic Circuits

Distributed: 20 October 2003
Due: 24 October 2003


In this laboratory assignment you will continue to learn how to use the Aldec Active-HDL tool.  This time the focus will be on schematic and Verilog modules.  You will also see how Verilog modules can be used as test fixtures to help you verify your circuit.  By the end of this lab you should know feel comfortable you can create a module based on a schematic, create a Verilog module, set up a test fixture, and verify that your circuit is correct.

In the hardware portion of this lab, you will use the multiplexer components in your kit to re-implement the "Fibonacci number" circuit of the previous lab assignment.


  1. Complete the entire next tutorial to the Aldec ActiveHDL 6.1 tool.  You'll be asked to use a test fixture to verify the schematic for the full adder circuit you completed in the first laboratory assignment.  Make sure to complete the entire tutorial.  It is not quite as long but even more important as you'll be creating many of your own modules (schematic and Verilog) over the rest of the quarter.
  2. Create a test fixture for the Fibonacci number circuit you created in the previous lab assignment.  As in the tutorial, create a Verilog module for the test fixture and a schematic module for your circuit.  Wire these together in a new schematic that includes the two modules.  Make sure you test all 16 cases.
  3. Implement your Fibonacci number circuit using the multiplexers in your kit.  You should be able to do this using the '151 8:1 multiplexer and at most one inverter.  Remember to tie the enable input of the multiplexer to a logic 0 - this is very important and your circuit won't work unless you do this - check the equation for the '151 to verify this.  Use four switches as your inputs and an LED as your output.  Show the simulation results and the working circuit to a TA and have them check you off as having completed this laboratory assignment. They may ask you to show them your work and explain your design files and circuit.

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