CSE370 Laboratory Assignment 2

Computer Aided Design Tools for Digital Design

Distributed: April 7, 2004
Due: By the end of lab section (April 12/14)


We will be using Aldec's Active-HDL 6.2 as our primary design tool this quarter. In this laboratory assignment you will learn how to use the tool to enter basic schematic diagrams and simulate them. We will expect you to use this tool to do a large part of your written assignments. By the end of this lab you should feel comfortable entering a schematic for a design, setting up simulation stimuli, and verifying that your circuit is correct.

Each student should complete this lab individually.


  1. Complete the entire introductory tutorial to the Aldec ActiveHDL 6.2 tool.  Make sure to complete the entire tutorial.  It is quite long but very informative and thorough. We suggest you get a head start on the tutorial before your lab session so you will have plenty of time to complete the lab.  You will also be using Aldec for part of homework assignment #2.

  2. Design a circuit that compares two 2-bit numbers and outputs a 1 if the first number is greater than the second.  These 2-bit numbers are special in that only the numbers 0,1, and 2 are used.  That is, the number 3 never happens so the circuit can output anything if either input number is a 3.  You will want your circuit to be as small as possible.
    Draw a schematic for this circuit using Active-HDL and the chip parts from the lib370 library (e.g. c7400).  Using stimulators as shown in Tutorial #1, simulate this circuit for all possible input values, and show that your circuit computes the right values. Show the result of the simulation to a TA and have them check off this part of the lab.
    Hand in the printout of your schematic and simulation output.

  3. Using the schematic from part 2, construct a circuit for this function on the prototyping board, connecting the inputs to switches, and the output to an LED.  Demonstrate your circuit to a TA and have them check you off as having completed this laboratory assignment. They may ask you to show them your work and explain your circuit.

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