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Carl Ebeling

With Nick Burgan-Illig (nmbi at uw.edu)      








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Welcome to the Autumn 2011 Edition of

CSE 352 – Hardware Design and Implementation


      There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary… and those who don’t


We will use the Discussion Board (see link at left) as the primary means of communication for this course. Make sure set things up so that you get email notification when new posts are made. up Please email me or the TA if you have an urgent or private question or issue.

I will generally not be printing lecture notes to hand out in class. They will be available on the Web (linked from the calendary) after class. The lectures will follow the book fairly closely.

This page contains essential (and useful) information for the class. Keep in mind that this document is not static, and that new information will be added over the entire quarter. Make sure to check the class e-mail archive frequently. Some links may be inactive until later in the quarter. If you have any problems with this document or the CSE 352 web, please send mail to the course webmaster so that we may address the issue or solve the problem. You can also send Mail about anything related to the course to the instructor and/or the TAs, or see us during office hours.

The Calendar page has links to all course materials including Lecture Slides, Labs, and Homework.

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