This course will introduce the basics of modern data management. You will learn about data modeling, query languages, transactions, performance tuning, building database applications, large scale data processing, and many other topics. By the end of the course, you will understand much about how the real-world databases that touch our daily lives are designed, built, and maintained.

Administrative Information

Instructor: Kevin Zatloukal (kevinz at cs)

Teaching Assistants:

Yao Lu luyao at cs
Ying Wang wangy288 at cs
Andrew Wei nowei at cs

Please use the discussion board whenever possible, as the answer to your question is likely to be helpful to others in the class, and by using the discussion board, it will be available to them as well. For grading or other private matters, you can email us directly at the addresses above.

Lectures: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 2:20-3:20pm in SIG 134

Sections: Thursdays from 2:20-3:20pm in SIG 134

Office Hours
See the course calendar for up-to-date office hours (some still forthcoming).