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General Information
API Specifications
Guide JDK Features
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JDK Demos
Java Runtime Environment

The JavaTM Development Kit 1.2 contains new features and enhancements to the Java platform. Some specifications and/or implementations may change prior to the final release. Documents listed below are located in the JDK documentation download bundle unless otherwise indicated.

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General Information

Located in the JDK software download bundle:
Changes in JDK 1.2 Software
Overview of the Java Development Kit
Installation and Configuration Notes
Bugs and Incomplete Features
Development Tools (also in the document download bundle)

Located in the JDK documentation download bundle:
Copyright and License Terms for documentation
Contacting Java Software

Located on the Java Software website:
Version Compatibility with Previous Releases
Submitting a Bug Report
Documentation Changes
JDK 1.2 Download Page
Java Software Home Page

API Specifications
Reference to packages, classes, interfaces, members and deprecated API. Generated using the javadoc tool in the JDK software bundle.

Java Platform API Specification

JDK Features
Design and functional specifications. You can Download PDF and PS versions of some docs.

New Feature Summary
JDK Features Overview and Index

JDK Tool Documentation
Reference documentation for the JDK tools. Separate documents exist for Solaris and Windows merely to show platform-specific differences in examples, such as disk identifiers, directory separators, and environment variables. Each tool has the same options on all platforms.

Tool Docs Summary
Javadoc Enhancements

Demos, Tutorials, Training, and Reference
Sample code for applets and applications, training, courses, and tutorials for the Java Development Kit. Many new features in the 1.2 platform are not yet covered in these resources.

Located in the documentation download bundle:
Demonstration Applets and Applications

Located on the Java Software website:
The Java Tutorial: Object-Oriented Programming for the Internet
    A quick start toward learning the Java programming language.
Training for the Java programming language
    Directory of various training resources.
Courses for the Java programming language
    Courses on many features of the Java platform from the Java Developer ConnectionSM.
The Java Class Libraries
    Code examples for classes, methods, and fields in JDK 1.1.
    (java.lang,, java.text, java.util, java.math,   java.applet, java.awt, java.beans.)
The Java Language Specification
    The definitive reference for the Java programming language.

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