Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

Interface org.omg.CORBA.portable.InvokeHandler

public abstract interface InvokeHandler

Method Summary
 OutputStream _invoke(String method, InputStream input, ResponseHandler handler)
          Invoked by the ORB to dispatch a request to the servant.

Method Detail


public OutputStream _invoke(String method,
                            InputStream input,
                            ResponseHandler handler)
                     throws SystemException
Invoked by the ORB to dispatch a request to the servant. ORB passes the method name, an InputStream containing the marshalled arguments, and a ResponseHandler which the servant uses to construct a proper reply. Only CORBA SystemException may be thrown by this method. The method must return an OutputStream created by the ResponseHandler which contains the marshalled reply. A servant must not retain a reference to the ResponseHandler beyond the lifetime of a method invocation. Servant behaviour is defined as follows: 1. Determine correct method, and unmarshal parameters from InputStream. 2. Invoke method implementation. 3. If no user exception, create a normal reply using ResponseHandler. 4. If user exception occurred, create exception reply using ResponseHandler. 5. Marshal reply into OutputStream returned by ResponseHandler. 6. Return OutputStream to ORB.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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