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Uses of Class

Packages that use URLConnection Provides the classes for implementing networking applications.  

Uses of URLConnection in

Subclasses of URLConnection in
          A URLConnection with support for HTTP-specific features.
          A URL Connection to a Java ARchive (JAR) file or an entry in a JAR file.

Fields in declared as URLConnection
protected  URLConnection JarURLConnection.jarFileURLConnection
          The connection to the JAR file URL, if the connection has been initiated.

Methods in that return URLConnection
protected abstract  URLConnection URLStreamHandler.openConnection(URL u)
          Opens a connection to the object referenced by the URL argument.
 URLConnection URL.openConnection()
          Returns a URLConnection object that represents a connection to the remote object referred to by the URL.

Methods in with parameters of type URLConnection
abstract  void URLConnection.Callback.beforeConnection(URLConnection connection)
          This method should be invoked by a connection object before a connection is established.
abstract  void URLConnection.Callback.afterConnection(URLConnection connection)
          This method should be invoked by a connection object after a connection has been established.
abstract  boolean URLConnection.Callback.afterEvent(URLConnection connection, IOException exception)
          This method should be invoked by a connection object after a connection has been attempted and an exceptional condition has been encountered.
abstract  Object ContentHandler.getContent(URLConnection urlc)
          Given a URL connect stream positioned at the beginning of the representation of an object, this method reads that stream and creates an object from it.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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