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Package java.lang.reflect

Interface Summary
Member Member is an interface that reflects identifying information about a single member (a field or a method) or a constructor.

Class Summary
AccessibleObject The AccessibleObject class is the base class for Field, Method and Constructor objects.
Array The Array class provides static methods to dynamically create and access Java arrays.
Constructor Constructor provides information about, and access to, a single constructor for a class.
Field A Field provides information about, and dynamic access to, a single field of a class or an interface.
Method A Method provides information about, and access to, a single method on a class or interface.
Modifier The Modifier class provides static methods and constants to decode class and member access modifiers.
ReflectPermission The Permission class for reflective operations.

Exception Summary
InvocationTargetException InvocationTargetException is a checked exception that wraps an exception thrown by an invoked method or constructor.

Package java.lang.reflect Description

Provides classes and interfaces for obtaining reflective information about classes and objects. Reflection allows programmatic access to information about the fields, methods and constructors of loaded classes, and the use reflected fields, methods, and constructors to operate on their underlying counterparts on objects, within security restrictions.

AccessibleObject allows supression of access checks if the necessary ReflectPermission is available.

Arrays provides static methods to dynamically create and access arrays.

Classes in this package, along with java.lang.Class accommodate applications such as debuggers, interpreters, object inspectors, class browsers, and services such as Object Serialization and JavaBeans that need access to either the public members of a target object (based on its runtime class) or the members declared by a given class.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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