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Uses of Class

Packages that use DragSource
java.awt Contains all of the classes for creating user interfaces and for painting graphics and images.  
java.awt.dnd Provides interfaces and classes for supporting drag-and-drop operations.  

Uses of DragSource in java.awt

Methods in java.awt with parameters of type DragSource
 DragGestureRecognizer Toolkit.createDragGestureRecognizer(Class abstractRecognizerClass, DragSource ds, Component c, int srcActions, DragGestureListener dgl)
          create a concrete, platform dependent, subclass of the abstract DragGestureRecognizer class requested, and associate it with the DragSource, Component and DragGestureListener specified subclasses should override this to provide their own implementation

Uses of DragSource in java.awt.dnd

Fields in java.awt.dnd declared as DragSource
protected  DragSource DragGestureRecognizer.dragSource

Methods in java.awt.dnd that return DragSource
static DragSource DragSource.getDefaultDragSource()
 DragSource DragGestureEvent.getDragSource()
 DragSource DragGestureRecognizer.getDragSource()
 DragSource DragSourceContext.getDragSource()

Constructors in java.awt.dnd with parameters of type DragSource
DragGestureRecognizer.DragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds, Component c, int sa, DragGestureListener dgl)
          construct a new DragGestureRecognizer
DragGestureRecognizer.DragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds, Component c, int sa)
          construct a new DragGestureRecognizer
DragGestureRecognizer.DragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds, Component c)
          construct a new DragGestureRecognizer
DragGestureRecognizer.DragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds)
          construct a new DragGestureRecognizer
MouseDragGestureRecognizer.MouseDragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds, Component c, int act, DragGestureListener dgl)
          construct a new MouseDragGestureRecognizer
MouseDragGestureRecognizer.MouseDragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds, Component c, int act)
          construct a new MouseDragGestureRecognizer
MouseDragGestureRecognizer.MouseDragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds, Component c)
          construct a new MouseDragGestureRecognizer
MouseDragGestureRecognizer.MouseDragGestureRecognizer(DragSource ds)
          construct a new MouseDragGestureRecognizer

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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