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Class java.awt.color.ICC_ProfileGray


public class ICC_ProfileGray
extends ICC_Profile
A subclass of the ICC_Profile class which represents profiles which meet the following criteria: the color space type of the profile is TYPE_GRAY and the profile includes the grayTRCTag and mediaWhitePointTag tags. Examples of this kind of profile are monochrome input profiles, monochrome display profiles, and monochrome output profiles. The ICC_Profile.getInstance(byte[]) method will return an ICC_ProfileGray object when the above conditions are met. The advantage of this class is that it provides a lookup table that Java or native methods may be able to use directly to optimize color conversion in some cases.

To transform from a GRAY device profile color space to the CIEXYZ Profile Connection Space, the device gray component is transformed by a lookup through the tone reproduction curve (TRC). The result is treated as the achromatic component of the PCS.

                PCSY = grayTRC[deviceGray]

The inverse transform is done by converting the PCS Y components to device Gray via the inverse of the grayTRC.

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Method Summary
 float getGamma()
          Returns a gamma value representing the tone reproduction curve (TRC).
 float[] getMediaWhitePoint()
          Returns a float array of length 3 containing the X, Y, and Z components of the mediaWhitePointTag in the ICC profile.
 short[] getTRC()
          Returns the TRC as an array of shorts.
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Method Detail


public float[] getMediaWhitePoint()
Returns a float array of length 3 containing the X, Y, and Z components of the mediaWhitePointTag in the ICC profile.


public float getGamma()
Returns a gamma value representing the tone reproduction curve (TRC). If the profile represents the TRC as a table rather than a single gamma value, then an exception is thrown. In this case the actual table can be obtained via getTRC(). When using a gamma value, the PCS Y component is computed as follows:

         PCSY = deviceGray

the gamma value as a float.
ProfileDataException - if the profile does not specify the TRC as a single gamma value.


public short[] getTRC()
Returns the TRC as an array of shorts. If the profile has specified the TRC as linear (gamma = 1.0) or as a simple gamma value, this method throws an exception, and the getGamma() method should be used to get the gamma value. Otherwise the short array returned here represents a lookup table where the input Gray value is conceptually in the range [0.0, 1.0]. Value 0.0 maps to array index 0 and value 1.0 maps to array index length-1. Interpolation may be used to generate output values for input values which do not map exactly to an index in the array. Output values also map linearly to the range [0.0, 1.0]. Value 0.0 is represented by an array value of 0x0000 and value 1.0 by 0xFFFF, i.e. the values are really unsigned short values, although they are returned in a short array.
a short array representing the TRC.
ProfileDataException - if the profile does not specify the TRC as a table.

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