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public class InlineView
extends LabelView
Displays the inline element styles based upon css attributes.

Fields inherited from class
BadBreakWeight , ExcellentBreakWeight , ForcedBreakWeight , GoodBreakWeight , X_AXIS , Y_AXIS
Constructor Summary
InlineView(Element elem)
          Constructs a new view wrapped on an element.
Method Summary
 AttributeSet getAttributes()
          Fetches the attributes to use when rendering.
protected  StyleSheet getStyleSheet()
protected  void setPropertiesFromAttributes()
          Set the cached properties from the attributes.
Methods inherited from class
breakView , changedUpdate , createFragment , getAlignment , getBreakWeight , getFont , getFontMetrics , getPartialSpan , getPreferredSpan , getTabbedSpan , modelToView , paint , setUnderline , viewToModel
Methods inherited from class
getChildAllocation , getContainer , getDocument , getElement , getEndOffset , getMaximumSpan , getMinimumSpan , getNextVisualPositionFrom , getParent , getResizeWeight , getStartOffset , getView , getViewCount , getViewFactory , insertUpdate , modelToView , preferenceChanged , removeUpdate , setParent , setSize , viewToModel
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Constructor Detail


public InlineView(Element elem)
Constructs a new view wrapped on an element.
elem - the element
Method Detail


public AttributeSet getAttributes()
Fetches the attributes to use when rendering. This is implemented to multiplex the attributes specified in the model with a StyleSheet.
getAttributes in class View


protected void setPropertiesFromAttributes()
Set the cached properties from the attributes.
setPropertiesFromAttributes in class LabelView


protected StyleSheet getStyleSheet()

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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