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Interface Summary
TableCellEditor This interface defines the methods any object that would like to be an editor of values for components such as ListBox, ComboBox, Tree, or Table, etc.
TableCellRenderer This interface defines the methods any object that would like to be a renderer for cell in a JTable.
TableModel The TableModel interface ispecifies the methods the JTable will use to interrogate a tabular data model.

Class Summary
AbstractTableModel This abstract class provides default implementations for most of the methods in the TableModel interface.
DefaultTableCellRenderer The standard class for rendering (displaying) individual cells in a JTable.
DefaultTableCellRenderer.UIResource A subclass of DefaultTableCellRenderer that implements UIResource.
DefaultTableColumnModel The standard column-handler for a JTable.
DefaultTableModel This is an implementation of TableModel that uses a Vector of Vectors to store the cell value objects.
JTableHeader This is the column header part of a JTable.
TableColumn A TableColumn represents all the attributes of a column in a JTable, such as width, resizibility, minimum and maximum width.

Package Description

Provides classes and interfaces for dealing with java.awt.swing.JTable. JTable is Swing's grid or tabular view for constructing user interfaces for tabular data structures inside an application. Use this package if you want control over how tables are constructed, updated, and rendered, as well as how data associated with the tables are viewed and managed.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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