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All Known Implementing Classes:
JLayeredPane, JFrame, JToggleButton, JMenuItem, JCheckBoxMenuItem, JMenu, JToolBar, JSeparator, JWindow, CellRendererPane, JButton, JTable, JTable.AccessibleJTable.AccessibleJTableCell, JTree, JTree.AccessibleJTree.AccessibleJTreeNode, JPanel, JDialog, JScrollPane, JScrollBar, JRadioButtonMenuItem, JCheckBox, JTextComponent, JOptionPane, JLabel, JDesktopPane, JPopupMenu, JSlider, JMenuBar, JColorChooser, JTabbedPane, JViewport, JInternalFrame, JInternalFrame.JDesktopIcon, JApplet, JRootPane, JProgressBar, JRadioButton, JFileChooser, Box, JToolTip, JList, JList.AccessibleJList.AccessibleJListChild, JComboBox, JSplitPane, JTableHeader, JTableHeader.AccessibleJTableHeader.AccessibleJTableHeaderEntry

public abstract interface Accessible
Interface Accessible is the main interface for the accessibility package. All components that support the accessibility package must implement this interface. It contains a single method, getAccessibleContext(), which returns an instance of the class AccessibleContext.

Method Summary
 AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext()
          Returns the AccessibleContext associated with this object.

Method Detail


public AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext()
Returns the AccessibleContext associated with this object. In most cases, the return value should not be null if the object implements interface Accessible. If a component developer creates a subclass of an object that implements Accessible, and that subclass is not Accessible, the developer should override the getAccessibleContext method to return null.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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