Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

Package com.sun.image.codec.jpeg

Interface Summary
JPEGDecodeParam JPEGDecodeParam encapsulates tables and options necessary to control decoding JPEG datastreams.
JPEGEncodeParam JPEGEncodeParam encapsulates tables and options necessary to control encoding of JPEG data streams.
JPEGImageDecoder This interface describes a JPEG data stream decoder.
JPEGImageEncoder JPEGImageEncoder encodes buffers of image data into JPEG data streams.

Class Summary
JPEGCodec This class is a factory for implementations of the JPEG Image Decoder/Encoder.
JPEGHuffmanTable A class to encapsulate a JPEG Huffman table.
JPEGQTable Class to encapsulate the JPEG quantization tables.

Exception Summary
ImageFormatException Signals that an Image Format exception of some sort has occurred.
TruncatedFileException Signals that a truncated file was detected.

Package com.sun.image.codec.jpeg Description

Provides classes for encoding and decoding JPEG images.

Java Platform 1.2
Beta 4

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