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June 1: Course Evaluations

Please fill out the course evaluation to provide your feedback on CSE 341 this quarter. Your input helps us make the course better!

May 27: Homework 6 released

Homework 6 has been posted!

May 21: Homework 5 and Quiz 3 prep released

Homework 5 has been released, and preparation materials for quiz 3 have been posted. The quiz will be next Thursday, May 28.

May 10: Homework 4 released (and other notes)

Homework 4 has been released, quiz 2 is this week, and we'd still love your feedback on how the course is going!

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May 4: Week 6 Check-in

Please fill out this survey to let us know how things are going as we reach the midpoint of the quarter

April 29: Homework 3 due date pushed

Homework 3 will new be due on Saturday, May 2. You will still be able to use your late days.

April 22: Quiz information posted

Information about quizzes, and quiz 1 specifically, has been posted on the Quizzes page.

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April 16: Homework 2 released

Homework 2 has been posted!

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April 6: Week 1 Check-in

Please fill out this survey to tell us how your first week went and what we can do to better support you.

April 3: Unit video and reading notes

We have posted links to video and reading notes for unit 1 of the course, developed by Dan Grossman. We'll continue to post these resources for each unit. These are not a substitute for attending class, but may be useful as a study or review resource. Please let us know if you find any errors.

April 1: Small group requests

We will be using small groups for certain activities in lecture and section this quarter. You can request to have specific classmates placed in your group if you'd like.

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April 1: Office hours posted

Office hours for the course staff have been posted on the Staff page. Office hours will begin on Friday, April 3.

March 30: Welcome to CSE 341!

Welcome to CSE 341 for Spring 2020! Please make sure you are set up to work with Zoom. Please also fill out the Homework 0 survey as soon as possible.

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Welcome to Programming Languages!

To learn more about the policies and structure for this class, please check the course syllabus