Scheme Textbooks and Readings

No textbook is required for our Scheme coverage. But here are two well-respected introductory Scheme textbooks that are available free of charge on the web:

Felleison, M., Findler, R., Flatt, M., Krishnamurthi, S.
How to Design Programs.
MIT Press, 2003. ISBN 0262062186.
Abelson, H., Sussman, G.
Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs.
MIT Press, 1996. ISBN 0262011530.

The following are direct links to various reading sections from the above textbooks, as well as from the PLT Scheme / "Racket" API reference pages, related to the material from each lecture.

Intro to Scheme:

let, let*:

lists and pairs

Symbolic data:

Mutation and memoization:

Structures and objects:


Jumps, continuations, non-local control:

Streams, delayed evaluation: