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This is the Spring 2022 final website.

Course Details

This course has five major learning objectives, some of which will be the focus of an individual assignment, others will practiced across multiple assignments.

Overall Course Themes

In addition, students will do the following throughout the course:

Course modules

Drawing and Animation

Learning Goals Create hierarchies of objects and draw on the screen.


Learning Goals Set up an interface so that it looks the as expected and reacts properly to changes in orientation and size.

Events and Interaction

Learning Goals 1) Handle input from the user, both at the application level and within a specific interactor. 2) Implement custom interactors that know how to deal with events such as touching on the screen.

Application Development

Learning Goals Build applications using programatic support that meet basic standards for accessibility, security, interactivity, and user mental models.

Study and Communication about app concerns

Learning Goals Read detailed specs and library documentation; write clear and comprehensive reports on your findings as well as reflections on your learning.

Other relevant courses

There are a number of classes on campus that teach related concepts which you may wish to consider in addition to this one. As of Winter 2022, here are the ones we are aware of: