CSE 333 18su - Systems Programming

Lectures: MWF 10:50-11:50, EEB 037
Section AA: Thur 10:50-11:50 EEB 037


  • 8/21: Course grades have been submitted and we're done for the quarter. Congratulations on lots of good work and best wishes for the future!
  • 6/15: Welcome to the web site for CSE 333, Summer 2018. Please report any problems to cse333-staff[at]cs.


For most things the discussion group is the best way to communicate (use your @uw.edu Google credentials to sign in). If you need to reach the course staff via email for something not appropriate for posting, please send mail to cse333-staff[at]cs rather than sending mail to individual staff members. You should get a quicker reply that way and it helps the whole staff keep track of active issues.

Name Office Hours
Hal Perkins Friday, 12-1, CSE 006 lab
Renshu Gu Tuesday & Wednesday, 12-1, CSE 006 lab
William Kim Monday, 12-1, CSE 006 lab
Soumya Vasisht Thursday, 12-1, CSE 006 lab