Asking Questions & Getting Help

It is very important to us that you succeed in CSE 332! Outside of lectures and sections, there are several ways to ask questions or discuss course issues:

  • Visit office hours! This is the best place to get detailed, hands-on debugging help. We have options both in-person and online. In addition, if you need extra time or need to discuss something in private, feel free to email and make an appointment.
  • Make a public post about course content on Ed , where they'll benefit the whole class.
  • Make a private post on Ed or send an email to cse332-staff with any questions or issues you would prefer to discuss privately. Both of these will reach just the course staff.
  • Send Anonymous Feedback to the instructor, who MAY share it with the course staff and others only as appropriate, but will not have a way to reply to you without addressing the whole class.


Many of the materials posted here were shared and refined by many staff members in previous offerings of CSE 332. This version of the course was significantly influenced by previous offerings most recently taught by Ruth Anderson, Richard Anderson, and Robbie Weber.

This website is derived from CSE's Simple Courseweb Template, originally written by Xi Wang and now maintained by the CSE Lab. The calendaring code was originally written by Adam Blank in 2017 for their CSE 332 website. The text face is Inter, designed by Rasmus Andersson.

Though we cannot list them all, we are also extremely grateful for the contributions of countless students who have given feedback and improved CSE 332 over the quarters.